Getting Back to Writing

It’s been a while since my last post, but I think it is time to get back to writing.

I am working my way through an analysis of Starbucks. It is a great company at a fair price. To continue their growth where analysts expect and where they have been historically, they need to execute on their China expansion.

I have also been looking at Paypal. I like what I see so far. Their business generates lots of cash and I like what I’ve read about the CEO so far. More competition is coming in to their space, but Paypal continues to generate more user engagement and expand their customer base.

Another company that has caught my attention is Skyworks Solutions. They have been tied to Apple as they supply the connectivity chips to them. Because Apple’s growth has slowed, so has Skyworks, but Skyworks is tied in to the growing trend of the Internet of Things. They have a growing customer roster, good margins, and they generate a lot of cash flow.

My focus is on great companies at fair prices. I want to know the businesses I own really well and own them for a long time. I will try to share my discoveries as I make them and then make a longer, full analysis available occasionally as I build them.

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